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The University Honors College advises undergraduates, seniors, and alumni who are interested in pursuing national and international awards. These opportunities both recognize past accomplishments and give students enriching educational experiences beyond the classroom. The UHC provides guidance and support on scholarship, fellowship, and grant competitions.

Our Focus

The Honors College's scholarship advising efforts are primarily focused upon the following scholarships:

These scholarships are the most prestigious awards in their associated fields; they are also the most competitive. The Honors College prepares students for this challenge by helping to match them with the most appropriate award, reviewing their required application materials, and coordinating mock interviews that draw upon the experience of Pitt faculty members and other scholarship specialists (when applicable).

These scholarships are by no means the only available scholarships, and may not be the best scholarship for you. Please review the additional scholarships listed on this site by name or by subject to find a scholarship that is best suited to your goals and achievements. Also, browse through the links under External Scholarships Listings. It is strongly recommended that students seek the advice and guidance of the National Scholarships Office for all awards, including direct-apply opportunities, as early as possible. What is the first main step to begin the scholarships application process? Attend an information session.

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