Scholarships and Fellowships

Additional Scholarship Listings

Students who are interested in educational opportunities outside of the traditional university experience can often find funding within the walls of the University of Pittsburgh to help them achieve their goals. The following scholarships assist students who are interested in studying abroad, conducting directed and/or independent research, or creating undergraduate teaching opportunities.

Many other funding opportunities exist within the university; if you are having difficulty finding financial support for your research or project, schedule a meeting with your departmental advisor, as there may be funding opportunities specifically designed to assist students in your major or concentration.

UHC Summer Research Abroad Awards

The University Honors College Summer Research Abroad Awards are intended to support undergraduate scholarship abroad under the direction of a faculty mentor. Up to ten $5,000 awards are available to support international travel for a minimum of five weeks to conduct an original research project during the summer. Although travel with the cooperating faculty member is possible, students may conduct their research abroad without the cooperating faculty memberís presence at the research site.

University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange and Program Scholarships

The Nationality Rooms have awarded scholarships for summer study abroad annually since 1948. The purpose of the awards is to enable University of Pittsburgh students to have an in-depth immersion in another culture for at least five weeks.

Mary Ellen Callahan Undergraduate Student Research Fund

Awards from this fund will be made to support University of Pittsburgh undergraduates conducting independent research projects in the social sciences.

Brackenridge Undergraduate Fellowship

[The Brackenridge Undergraduate Fellowship] supports University of Pittsburgh undergraduates conducting independent research projects and a roundtable discussion of progress in a weekly seminar in the summer months.

Vira I. Heinz Program for Women in Leadership

Fifteen universities and colleges in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia participate in the VIH Program. Three young women from each of the fifteen institutions are admitted into the three-year program and receive a $5,000 scholarship to put toward the cost of an international experience of their choosing.

Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Fellowship is intended to support student involvement in independent research under the direction of a faculty mentor. Ten $600 fellowships, administered by the University Honors College (UHC), are offered to encourage the enrichment of the students' experience in defining objectives and selecting methodologies appropriate to original research in their chosen field of study.

Chancellor's Undergraduate Teaching Fellowships

Ten $600 undergraduate teaching fellowships...are offered to encourage the enrichment of course offerings and to improve teaching through the collaboration of faculty members with students in the planning and implementation of creative teaching projects. The fellowships are available for one term, either fall or spring.