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A well-prepared and competitive external award application is much more than the sum of its components: along with personal statements and letters of recommendation, successful applications require extensive planning, careful preparation, and hard work. Here are some suggested strategies and tasks to consider before you begin working on the "nuts and bolts" of your application.

Start Early

If an award is only available to seniors, you should not wait until the spring semester of your junior year to begin considering your application. Any university student that has an interest in pursuing a prestigious award should begin reviewing the application requirements and plotting the necessary steps as early as possible.

Contact the Director of National Scholarships

Applying for a national scholarship can be a difficult and nuanced task. The Director of National Scholarships at the UHC assists students with the application process and is happy to answer your questions about which award is right for you, what the process will entail, and whether your application must be submitted through the university or directly to the sponsoring foundation. It is never too early to schedule an appointment to discuss scholarship interests; please contact us.

Read Websites Thoroughly

Each national award has its own unique set of expectations for and requirements from its applicants. It is imperative that you carefully review all the criteria, instructions, and guidelines. In filling out the application, it is necessary that you pay close attention to the prompts, and that the information you provide answers those prompts. Award foundations will not consider applications that do not present the information they request. In addition to the foundation deadlines, make sure that you are aware of any mandatory campus-specific deadlines.

Create a Timeline

Applying for an external award without a timeline is like trying to navigate a minefield without a map. A carefully-plotted course of action will guide you through the process safely, but an attempt to keep all of the relevant dates and application elements straight in your mind will surely lead to disaster. Even students that possess the best of memories are bound to forget a detail along the way. A thorough timeline is an invaluable resource that ensures you will remain focused and on task during the application process.

Examine Winners' Biographies

It is not uncommon to find shared traits within a group of winners for any given scholarship. Reading the biographies of recent winners can help you better determine which traits are sought by the scholarship's panel of judges. With that information, you can then identify and amplify those themes and characteristics throughout your own application.

Establish Relationships With Faculty

A glowing self-assessment of your abilities is not enough to convince an award's selection committee: they will want to hear the same sentiment from professionals within your field of study. For this reason, you should establish relationships with faculty members in your field as early as possible. You should also continue to make connections throughout your department; one suggested guideline is to get to know one new professor every semester. Stop in during their office hours, even if you don't have a specific question about your assignments. A professor should be able to speak directly to your character, development as a student, and the quality of work of which you are capable. A recommendation letter with specific details about your strength as a candidate is more valuable than a generic or vague recommendation.

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